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Tartan Trews

All of our tartan trews and tartan trousers are made to measure. This ensures that as well as fitting perfectly, you also get the tartan and style of your choosing.

As you would expect we have a huge number of tartans to choose from in either lightweight (11oz) – the most popular weight for trews and trousers, or in medium weight (13oz) if you prefer.

Tartan Trousers

Tartan trousers can be made with a either a standard waistband or with an extra wide waistband so they can be worn with a kilt belt. If preferred, standard trousers can be made with the option of wearing a kilt belt from time to time, in which case we would create 3 extra large loops on the standard trousers.

The choice is yours – tell us what you would like and if it can be done we’ll do it.

Tartan Trews​

Tartan trews are designed to be worn with a Prince Charlie jacket and are worn with braces. The trews extend up under your waistcoat so that your shirt is not visible between the trews and the waistcoat.

Our trews are made with a fish tailback and have brace buttons fitted as standard to prevent the problem of clip on braces slipping off.


As all our trews/trousers are made to measure they are not available to buy through our online shop but if you get in touch we would be delighted to discuss the style and tartan you require and assist with measuring if you are not able to pop into the shop.

Trews FAQs

Trews have a higher rise on them and are worn with braces to ensure they stay up at the correct height. The higher rise allows them to be worn with the shorted kilt jacket such as a Prince charlie Jacket.

It depends on the length of the jacket and waistcoat, often the waistcoat is not long enough for trousers so there will be shirt showing between the bottom of the waistcoat and the top of the trousers which is not how it should be worn. If you are not wearing a waistcoat then often you can get away with wearing a Crail or Argyll jacket with trousers.

All our trews/trousers are made to measure so it is the customer that decides the width of the bottoms.

Yes we can put a wide waistband onto trousers or large loops can be added to standard waistband trousers.

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