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Sporran Repairs

The most common problem with sporrans is that a tassel has fallen off, some times this is caused by the stitching wearing away, or the chain breaking often because it’s been caught on a chair or table.

Thankfully it is easy to fix, if you have the tassel then bring it in to us and we’ll be able to re-attach it to the existing chain or supply a new chain and put it back on the sporran. If you don’t have the tassel then we carry a selection in stock so can generally find something that is a good match.

If you don’t live close to the shop the best thing to do is remove one of the remaining tassels from your sporran (they are generally just held on with a small key ring on the inside of the sporran) and send it to us so that we can match the skin type, size and design. It’s best not to send the whole sporran as that incurs additional postage cost and we are always concerned that it could get lost in the post.

So head across to the Alterations and Repairs page where there is a contact form to start the conversation about repairing your sporran.

Additionally you may feel that it is time to treat yourself to a new sporran in which case have a look at our new sporrans.


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